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Add and Subtract Within 20 (Fact Families) Version 3

Add and Subtract Within 20 (Fact Families)

Verse One
At the fact family’s house in the Ocean State
there’s a 17, a 9, and an 8.
Whether 8 plus 9 or 9 plus 8,
seventeen’s the sum we calculate.

17 minus 8 equals a difference of 9, and 17 minus 9 equals 8;
They love days in the waves and the memories they create -
and share a bond they truly appreciate.

Fact families are related facts:
They add together, or they subtract!
There are different ways they can be arranged,
but the fact family doesn’t change!

Verse Two
At the neighbors down the street,
there’s a 10, a 7, and a 3, we'll meet.
Whether 3 plus 7 or 7 plus 3,
ten’s the sum in their happy family.

10 minus 3 equals a difference of 7, and 10 minus 7 is 3;
they simply love sailing on the seas
and diving down with the big fishies.