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Adding and Subtracting by 10 and 100

Numberock's Adding and Subtracting by 10 and 100 Song
Gerry takes us on a walk to the park to use his sidewalk chalk to add by 10 and 100 on the wall at his favorite park. Then he takes a stroll by the docks to practice adding by 10 and 100, where he gets some sage advice about adding to the tens place and adding to the hundreds place from a fisherman bringing home his daily catch.

Grades Targeted | 2nd - 3rd Grade

Adding and Subtracting by 10 and 100 Lyrics

Verse One
I took my dog in my bag with my sidewalk chalk
and headed to the park on a morning walk.
When I arrived, I drew base ten blocks...
one hundred eighty-one with my sidewalk chalk.

Drew one ten, did the addition,
and drew the sum - one hundred ninety-one.
Then subtracted the ten - reversing what I’d done -
made a difference… one hundred eighty one.

Did you know that when you add or subtract by a multiple of ten, the ones place always stays the same.

Now I’m imagining adding one hundred instead;
in my mind I can see another one hundred.
And in my thoughts, I see the sum
would be two hundred eighty one.

Now if I subtract one hundred from that sum, the difference will become
the original number - one hundred eighty one.

I can do the math in my head
to add or subtract ten or one hundred.
I Just imagine base ten blocks,
and give some thought to how many I’ve got…

Verse Two
On my cell phone down on the docks,
I made three hundred twenty-four with base ten blocks.
On the screen, I added one ten more,
and the sum was three hundred thirty-four .

Now I’ll take away the ten with subtraction
on my screen, I see the difference
is three hundred twenty-four,
the same number as before.

Think about this: when we add or subtract by 10, the ones place never changes.

Now, I’ll add one hundred instead;
with a square representing one hundred.
I add it up to find the total score
is the sum four hundred twenty-four.

Now I’ll take away one hundred with subtraction...
on my screen, I see the difference
is three hundred twenty-four -
the same number as before.

Think about this: when we add or subtract by 100, the ones and tens places stay the same.

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