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Christmas Around the World

Learn about Christmas traditions around the world in this fun video. Santa and his reindeer are flying around the world to drop off presents to the far reaches of the globe and teaching us about the traditions of boys and girls across 9 nations: The USA, Mexico, Canada, Sweden, England, France, Germany, Italy, and over the Asia to visit Vietnam.

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Christmas Around the World Lyrics

Let’s take a ride in Santa's sleigh,
flying across the world this holiday!
We’ll visit some countries around the world
and learn the traditions of other boys and girls.

It’s Christmas time around the world
for many boys and many girls.
Come on, let's celebrate!
Christmas time comes but once a year;
it's time to smile and spread that holiday cheer.
Come on, let's celebrate!

Verse 1:
In Italy, on the night of Epiphany,
an old woman named Befana fills the stockings with toys and candy.
They say, "Buon Natale!"

Las Posadas is the festival in Mexico.
It lasts nine nights, and they dress up and parade with candles.
They say, "Feliz Navidad!"

In Canada, it's like the U.S. of A.
They decorate their trees and open gifts on Christmas Day.
They say, “Merry Christmas!"


Verse 2
In England, they feast and wear paper hats.
They celebrate with tubes that make a very loud crack! (fire cracker noises)
They say, "Happy Christmas!"

In Sweden, they have the Tomte or Christmas Gnome.
They leave him a bowl of porridge, like we leave Santa cookies in our homes.
They say, "God Jul!"

In Germany, the children leave notes on their windows
for a child named Christkind, who is a Christmas angel.
They say, "Frohliche Weihnachten!"


Verse 3:
In France, the children leave shoes out by the fireplace
that are filled with toys, which leave a smile on each face.
They say, "Joyeux Noel!"

In Vietnam, it's not an official holiday,
but on Christmas Eve the streets are filled with lights and confetti.
They say, "Giang Sinh Vui Ve!"

Now it's time to fly home to the U.S.A.
We’ve learned about the world and how they celebrate the Christmas Holiday.
Merry Christmas!

Here are some helpful links to learn more about how Christmas is observed around the world.
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