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Counting to 100 in Chinese Song

Learn to count from 1 to 100 in Chinese with Numberock and a bunch of the cutest animals ever. If you noticed how each animal individually express themselves through their excellent dance moves, you get 2 points!

Counting From 1-100 in Chinese Lyrics

幼兒園 & 學前教育

数到一百 … 数到一百

(1-10) 一,二,三,四,五,六,七,八,九,
十 ... 十
ling, yi, er, san, si, wu, liu, qi, ba, jiu,
shi ... shi

(11-20) 十一,十二,十三,十四,十五,十六,十七,十八,十九,
二十 ... 二十
shiyi, shier, shisan, shisi, shiwu, shiliu, shiqi, shiba, shijiu,
ershi ... ershi

(21-30) 二十一,二十二,二十三,二十四,二十五,二十六,二十七,二十八,二十九,
三十 ... 三十
ershiyi, ershier, ershisan, ershisi, ershiwu, ershiliu, ershiqi, ershiba, ershijiu
sanshi ... sanshi

(31-40) 三十一,三十二,三十三,三十四,三十五,三十六,三十七,二十八, 三十九
四十 ... 四十
sanshiyi, sanshier, sanshisan, sanshisi, sanshiwu, sanshiliu, sanshiqi, sanshiba, sanshijiu
sishi ... sishi

(41-50) 四十一,四十二,四十三,四十四,四十五,四十六,四十七,四十八,四十九
五十 … 五十
sishiyi, sishier, sishisan, sishisi, sishiwu, sishiliu, sishiqi, sishiba, sishijiu
wushi ... wushi

(51-60) 五十一,五十二,五十三,五十四,五十五,五十六,五十七,五十八,五十九,
六十 ... 六十
wushiyi, wushier, wushisan, wushisi, wushiwu, wushiliu, wushiqi, wushiba, wushijiu
liushi ... liushi

(61-70) 六十一,六十二,六十三,六十四,六十五,六十六,六十七,六十八,六十九,
七十 …. 七十
liushiyi, liushier, liushisan, liushisi, liushiwu, liushiliu, liushiqi, liushiba, liushijiu
qishi ... qishi

(71-80) 七十一,七十二,七十三,七十四,七十五,七十六,七十七,七十八,七十九
八十... 八十
qishiyi, qishier, qishisan, qishisi, qishiwu, qishiliu, qishiqi, qishiba, qishijiu
bashi ... bashi

(81-90) 八十一,八十二,八十三,八十四,八十五,八十六,八十七,八十八,九十九
九十... 九十
bashiyi, bashier, bashisan, bashisi, bashiwu, bashiliu, bashiqi, bashiba, bashijiu
jiushi ... jiushi

(91-100) 九十一,九十二,九十三,九十四,九十五,九十六,九十七,九十八,九十九
一百 … 一百
jiushiyi, jiushier, jiushisan, jiushisi, jiushiwu, jiushiliu, jiushiqi, jiushiba, jiushijiu,
yibai ... yibai



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