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Growth Mindset Song

Motivate your students to succeed in the classroom this year by playing them this song about growth mindset. Change your words, change your mindset! Overcome confidence issues which inhibit student learning, and realize why the mind is only fixed when we tell ourselves that it is.

Growth Mindset Song For Kids ★ Back to School Song Lyrics:

Chorus: You can create a change inside of you.
Changing your words will change your mindset, too!
Instead of saying, “I can’t,” say, “I can’t yet!”
All it takes to make it is a growth mindset.

Verse One:
Today, you’re going to train your brain
to learn and gain knowledge you can attain.
You won’t quit or give up, even when it gets rough,
because your mind can take on tasks that seem tough!
You’ll make forward progress before you rest.
In everything, you will give it your best.
And after you’ve done the best that you can do.
You’ll move on to learn something new.

Verse Two:
To gain knowledge, you will do whatever it takes,
and that means you’re going to learn from mistakes.
It’s OK to mess up a little, here or there;
it’s learning from mistakes that takes you anywhere.
All it takes is “hard work and focus” to be smart,
because learning new things really is an art.
The more you practice, the smarter you are.
It’s those kinds of smarts that will take you far!

Verse Three:
When there is a goal you want to reach,
take one step at a time, focusing on each.
You won’t ever give in.
With a grin, you’ll see a challenge and lift up your chin!
You can be awesome, and that’s a fact.
If, with yourself, you make this one small pact:
To find strength in yourself, to see good in all things,
and to be ready to learn when the morning bell rings.

Instead of saying, “I don’t think I can do this!”
Say, “I’ll train my brain, so I can’t miss!”
Instead of saying, “I wish I was smart!”
Say, “My brain can be trained ’till it’s off the chart!”
Instead of saying, “I don’t understand, I must be dumb!”
Say, “I’m still learning! There’s no need to feel glum!”
Instead of saying, “I don’t think I’ll ever get it!”
Say, “I’ll challenge myself, and I won’t quit!”

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