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Greater Than Less Than Song

Slater is a very hungry alligator that is always comparing numbers and eating the number that is greater! Watch him walk around his hometown marsh and swamp in this greater than less than video as he eats human food and goes apple picking for the largest apple he can find. On a somewhat unrelated side note, Slater has an Australian accent and will get quite chatty towards the end of this comparing numbers song!

Less Than Greater Than Lyrics:

432 and 824
The gator eats the one that's worth more.
He looks at the place values from left to right;
eight’s the greatest hundreds place, so he takes a big bite.

The hungry alligator
eats the number that is greater.
The number that is least
is never part of his feast.

355 and 332
The gator needs to eat the one with the greater value.
He looks at the place values from left to right;
five’s the greatest tens place, so he takes a big bite.

145 and 149
The gator needs (or finds) the greater value on the number line.
He looks at the place values from left to right;
Nine’s the greatest ones place, so he takes a big bite.

Now the numbers are the same on both sides.
The gator wants to eat, but he can't decide.
Neither is greater or less; it's a perfect tie,
so the alligator writes an “equal” sign.

If there's a line underneath the “greater than” sign,
"greater than or equal to" is how the sign is defined.
Or write a line underneath the “less than” sign,
and "less than or equal to" is the name of this design.

Learn More

This song targets TEKS and Common Core learning standards from both 1st Grade and 2nd Grade. Look into the relevant standards here, or dig deeper into Inequality mathmatics here.

If you are interested in getting ideas on how to plan a robust standards-aligned telling time lesson, we recommend checking out Instructure's recommendations for common core standards 1.NBT.B.2, and 2.NBT.4 . These pages help break down standard language, lay out the grade-appropriate level of rigor for each concept, and offer a variety of suggestions for activities (lesson seeds) that help students achieve their learning targets.

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