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Number Lines Song

Numberock's Number Lines Song introduces students to number line diagrams as Rob takes a 100 mile bike ride through the countryside. Rob and his friends are excited to help us learn that number lines show lengths and distances through equally spaced sections called intervals. At the end of the song, Rob's friends join him under the stars as they sit together and stare in awe at the vastness of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Grades Targeted | 2nd - 3rd Grade

Number Lines Song Lyrics

Rob rode his bike - all day - through the countryside,
By starlight - from the milky way - he finished his ride.
His 100 mile journey required persistence.
Now let’s see how he tracked his distance...

Verse One
Here are the numbers one through nine
on a diagram we call a number line.
They’re represented by lengths and marked
with points spaced equally apart.

Now if we extend this number line
one whole number to the right, we’ll find
the next number that we’ll mark is ten.
Now, let’s extend it again and again!

Twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety…
then my ride ended at one hundred
But the pattern continues forever ahead.

There are many instances
where numbers are shown as distances
represented on a number line…. helping us find…
sums and differences.

Intro to Verse Two
Now Rob’s back home, hanging out with his mom.
They’re winding down the day at Numberock.com.
They pick a song about number line skills.
A beat plays that thrills, and Rob’s mom says, “This is chill!”

Verse Two
We can jump forward on number lines
to solve problems with addition signs.
Let’s add eleven to twenty-nine:
Jump one and then ten; forty’s the sum we’ll find…

...and we can subtract ...eleven to rewind
...which will take us back ...to twenty-nine!

And we can jump backwards on number lines
to solve questions with subtraction signs.
Let’s subtract twelve from twenty-five:
Jump back ten and two; thirteen’s the difference we’ll find...

…now add back twelve to thirteen …and we will arrive
…at a sum we’ve seen …twenty-five!

Now here’s just one last remark
about the distance between each mark.
We can call them spaces, but to be technical,
their correct mathematical name is an interval.

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For those that care about this stuff, the song you just watched aligns to the 2nd Grade Common Core learning standard 2.MD.6. Check it out HERE.. Because let's be honest, who doesn't love reading math standards in their leisure time?

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