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I Can Show Numbers In Different Ways Song

Numberock's Showing Numbers in Different Ways Song is a barn burner of a blue grass tune that is sure to get your students up dancing and moving to the beat as they learn about counting to 10 with numerals, 5 frames, 10 frames, fingers, dominoes, tally marks, and pictures.

Learn the ways we represent numbers as 8 Monkeys escape to freedom from a zoo. Then learn to use your own hands and fingers to count race cars at the Indy 500! After all, "counting numbers can be SO much fun, and numbers are for EVERYONE!"

Grades Targeted | Pre-K, Kindergarten, & 1st Grade

Showing Numbers in Different Ways Song Lyrics

Counting numbers can be so much fun!
Numbers are for everyone!

Numerals are an easy way to count.
You have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 fingers – the right amount.
Words are an easy way to have numbers talk.
We have one, two, three pieces of chalk.
"Five frames" are a way to count numbers, too.
There are two circles in squares, colored blue.
"Ten frames" let us count numbers, it’s true,
like counting eight monkeys escaping the zoo.


Number lines make it easier to count,
because the dots line up to the right amount.
Another way to count is with "base ten blocks."
Count them up to see how many you’ve got!
Tallies let us count numbers one by one,
then group them in fives to make counting fun!
Fingers can count numbers, just like tallies,
like counting race cars finishing their rallies.


Pictures are another way to show numbers,
like 4 dinosaurs in snoring slumbers.
Other pictures can represent numbers, too,
like tractors or pandas or big bottles of glue!
Dice help us to count by adding their dots.
Roll them to see what number’s on their spots!
Dominoes help us to count while we play games.
With numbers up to twelve, they're not all the same.


Numbers help us count the allowance we’ve got.
We’ll know if we can buy something, or maybe not.
On the road they tell us how far we must go,
or even how long it takes for a seed to grow!
Numbers help (all of?) us all of the time.
They let a clock know when it’s time to chime.
They also help keep track of the days.
Numbers help us in so many ways!


Learn More

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For those that care about this stuff, the song you just watched aligns to the Kindergarten Grade Common Core learning standards K.CC.3, K.CC.4, & K.CC.5. Check out the full spectrum of Kindergarten Counting & Cardinality learning standards. Because let's be honest, who doesn't love reading math standards in their leisure time?

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