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Summer Vacation Song

Earth Day NUMBEROCK Video Library

Video Description:

Ring in the next summer vacation by showing your students this fun video that's packed to the gills with great ideas about how to spend the sunny days of summer!

Summer Vacation Song Lyrics:

It’s been an extra-long school year,
and now summer is finally near.
We’ll have time to go outside and play
while the sunshine seems to last all day.
School’s out, and we’re finally free.
There’s so much to do and see.
Let’s get started, right from day one.
This summer is gonna be filled with fun!

The hot days of summer can be quite cool,
like when you’re diving into a pool.
We’ll play games with a best friend.
We'll wish summer would never end.
Summer family trips are always fun;
I hope this year we go on another one!
With so many places that we can see...
like Acadia, or Yosemite.

The beach is always a good choice to make.
We’ll bring a beach ball, sand shovel, and rake.
On the biggest waves we’ll body surf
and get a smoothie at the surf and turf.
We might take a long road trip to see
a far off member of our family.
Feeling the wind blowing across our face;
we’ll take our time, it’s not a race.

We might visit an amusement park
and ride the ferris wheel after dark.
We’ll ride roller coasters galore,
and win tickets to spend in the store.
We could invent a game to play in the yard.
We'll complete puzzles that are really hard.
We'll laugh and snort at some jokes;
maybe we'll climb those backyard oaks.

The stars twinkle more.
Summer’s the happiest time, for sure.
The sunshine feels nice.
It’s so amazing being alive!

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