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The Anti-Bullying Song | An Anthem

Learn about how to stop bullying in this animated lyric video. Mindfulness, the golden rule, and pick up on some creative anti-bullying strategies through this unique bluegrass song. Numberock is helping support the National Bullying Prevention Month campaign and are so glad that you and your students are supporting the cause in your own way!

Other human beings are made from the dust of the stars as we ourselves have been made. As human beings alive in the present day, we are all survivors whose descendants have survived some of the harshest of times. Keeping that in mind, let us remember to treat each other with kindness and reverence.

Anti-Bullying Song Lyrics

Verse One
If you witness someone being a bully,
you can say, 'stop,' confidently
If your message is not received,
you should probably leave

Come on everyone!...

Be mindful of what you do
and treat others the way you want them to
do unto you.

Verse Two
If someone's mean, you can try humour -
something like, "I'm surprised you didn't smell me sooner."
If their words don't cease,
simply say 'peace'.

We're made from the same dust as stars.
Like them we can be a light in the dark
by simply being kind - it's who you are.

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This song aims to help you address bullying within your classroom or home environment, or to at least facilitate the starting up of a conversation around the potential consequences, both short and long-term, that bullying can effect. This video, however, is by no means complete in and of itself, so teachers, school counselors, as well as other mental health professionals may find this article at teentruth.com a nice supplementary resource that can give you ideas beyond the scope of a 3-minute-long slightly corny, bluegrass song.

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