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Transformations Song

Numberock's Transformations song is presented in a modern lyric video to review that a slide is a translation, a turn is rotation, and a flip is a reflection. In the bridge, learn all about dilations that can create a reduction or an enlargement by using a fixed center point and a scale factor.

Grades Targeted | 6th Grade - 8th Grade

Transformations Song Lyrics

Slide to the right - that's a translation
turn around - that's a rotation
flip it over - that's a reflection
and these are all called transformations

A flip is a reflection - a slide is a translation
a turn is a rotation - let's turn, turn it around
A flip is a reflection - a slide is a translation
a turn is a rotation - these are the transformations

Let's talk about symmetry, OK?
Flip the shape, but the first one stays.
A mirror reflection is what you see
across a line of symmetry

Let's look at one last transformation
by watching this shape take on a new formation;
same shape -- different size and location.
The name for this is a dilation.

The sides of each shape have the same ratios;
their angles are identical - they're on the nose.
So to sum it all up in my finest prose:
A reduction is smaller; an enlargement grows.

Dilations need a scale factor -- that’s a ratio --
defining how much a shape will shrink or grow.
And there needs to be a fixed center point, so
we know that all points through it must go.

We see dilations everywhere we go.
They’re different sizes of the same logo.
We see them when we enlarge a photo.
You'll probably see them all the time, now that you know.