NEW! Learn to find patterns given a series of numbers or shapes!
This Earth Day show your students just how much we all think Mother Earth is worth.
NEW SONG & VIDEO! Place Value to the Millions
Earl, our favorite pizza delivery man, takes us on his route for a day.
You’ll be amazed as you learn about parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting types of lines.
Equivalent fractions is the name… of fractions whole values are the same!
Slater the Alligator is back and he’s eating the stuffing out of fractions.
Relate decimals to fractions while singing and learning about the basics of decimal notation.
Compare the heights of the 4th and 5th graders on a line plot!
Zigon takes orders and then adds and subtracts fractions before the Pizzamatic-5000 serves up pizzas!
The Numberock crew let the beat drop and never apologize in this fun song.
This song is about real life examples of the most common units of metric length.
Pull up a chair at our table to learn about perimeter and area.
Review the commutative property, associative property, distributive property, and more.
Find each ride’s lines of symmetry in SYMMETRY LAND!”
Ride along with Rob as he drives through the country side learning about place value.
“Five or more? ROUND UP! Less than five? ROUND DOWN!”
What’s My Rule, you ask? This song will show you how to find out!
Learn all about input output tables in this modern pop song.
Find out some of Mr. Hehn’s tips and tricks to improve your results.
Rounding has never been as engaging as it is in this math song.
Slater is a very hungry alligator who always eats the number that is greater!
Watch Yolanda explore various objects that weigh ounces, pounds, and tons.
Alan kite surfs, skateboards, bikes, dives, and explores space as he learns about polygons.
Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers shows up in your daily life all the time.
Learn about the way humans have come to measure time.
Godzilla goes underwater in this video to chase fractions and submarines.
Come join in on the fun at Camp Quadrilaterals as we learn about 4-sided shapes.
Investigate the values of gold coins, pieces of silver, and even watch decimals fly.
Learn about the fundamentals of grouping, place value, and multi-digit multiplication.
Join Stu and friends at the beach in this long division song. (2 digit divisors)
Add and regroup chickens and ants with Marcos and his brother, Jose, on their farm.
Farmer Jerry loves to rap about regrouping.
Memorize the meanings of fluid ounces, cups, pints, quarts, and gallons.
Skateboards, mountain climbing, billiards… Don’t you just love this stuff?
Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Bring Down, That’s how a quotient is found!
Jeremy skateboards, does parkour, and even magically elevates in this fun video about numbers.
The NUMBEROCK crew lines up the tenths, hundredths, and thousandths while adding and subtracting decimals.
Follow Stan the Man on a tour through his house and yard as he multiplies.
Join Stu & friends at the beach in this long division song.
Learn about Christmas traditions around the world in this fun video.
Fly through the air with the NUMBEROCK BMX team!
Check out our moves as we rock the 7s times tables.
Put a helmet on as the players like to throw the ball into the stands!
Join us on a far away foreign planet where alien life flourishes.
The Dance Team’s AT IT AGAIN with this new Skip Counting by 8 song
You are invited to dance on the streets with the NUMBEROCK Dance Crew!
Party at the end of a quiet country road in New York (1925 AD)
Grab your skateboard and turntables and get ready to rock out!
The 12 times table, but like never before! Rock the multiples of 12 with this fun EDM song!
Learn all about writing and interpreting expressions in this futuristic music video.
Celebrate the end of another school year with the fun summer song!
Learn all about powers of 10, exponents, and base numbers.
Learn about Anti-bullying in this animated lyric video.
NUMBEROCK’s tribute to the night when candy flows beneath the moon’s glow!
Find out all about the first Thanksgiving Day.
Learn all about the Civil Rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr.
Memorize all of the 45 Presidents of the United States of America.