About Us

Have you ever experienced the magical power of hearing a song from the past, and then suddenly being transported back to distant memories? Using NUMBEROCK videos in this way, you'll transform your classroom into a multi-sensory learning environment, resulting in an amazing amount of energy and enthusiasm being brought into your math lessons. Our goal is to find the perfect blend of pure fun and emotional engagement, while never sacrificing the educational merit of the lesson.

Benjamin Hehn, Founder

NUMBEROCK videos are the visual, lyrical, and aural culmination of Mr. Hehn developing his songwriting skills by night in order to creatively develop his students' minds by day. Mr. Hehn has been a public school teacher for seven years and four of those have been as an instructional lead teacher. He has his Masters degree from UMass and studied Mathematics Education at Tufts University. He has also served as the supervising teacher for one year and half year appointments for Tufts and Harvard University student teachers. Songwriting and curriculum design are his two greatest passions and he intertwines the two as the founder of NUMBEROCK.