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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle | Earth Day Song

This Earth Day show your students just how much we all think Mother Earth is worth with this fun electronic dance song that sounds like a Top 40 radio hit.

Beyond just the 3 R's, Numberock's song is chock full of ideas on how we can all pitch in to take care of our earth. A variety of strategies are covered which illustrated how we can reduce, reuse, and recycle close to home, starting from today.

We're hopeful that the song will help foster a greater awareness of three R’s. A word of final warning, don't be surprised if you find your kiddos are singing this during their breaks or on their way out the door at the end of the day. Although, on second that, that's a good thing.

This video comes with additional activities categorized from 1st Grade - 6th Grade. Activities presented to the side of this video include a cleanly designed lyrics sheet, a poster to put up in your classroom, video-based worksheets, coloring pages and more.

Earth Day Lyrics:

Verse 1:
There are many ways we can take care of our Earth.
Together, we can finally show her how much she is worth.
For there is only one place that all of us call home.
It is this pale blue dot of ours that we freely roam.

We can take our cans and sort them into a different bin,
and buy things with less packaging to score another win.
Simple things, like less paper waste, stops pollution’s haste,
allowing all to view Mother Nature’s perfect taste.

Wash out jars, cans, and other recyclables so they're clean.
That's a step as vital as using less polystyrene.
Reusable bags and food containers make a lot of sense;
it takes just a little thought to make a really big difference

Earth Day CHORUS:
Let’s come together and show Mother Earth how much she’s worth.
Think of future generations, for she's not just our earth!
Let's ensure the world's survival,
and reduce... reuse... and recycle!

Verse 2:
We can walk, instead of drive, to close places every day.
Or ride a train or catch a bus if it's too far away.
Sharing a car can limit emissions too, it’s true.
Sometimes biking might be the best thing that you can do.

There are always lots of chores that people need to get done.
All that running around in cars is never really fun.
If errands were combined and finished all in one trip,
it would save some gas and carbon emissions would dip.

Every effort we take to reduce the footprint we make,
matters more than you think, because the whole world is at stake.
Tiny snowflakes join into an avalanche with power.
Saving energy counts, every single kilowatt hour.

Verse 3:
Fresh water is one of our most precious commodities.
With little changes, we can make a big difference, you see.
A "running faucet" isn’t trying to run away.
It’s wasting water and "running" up your bill each day.

We can also pay more attention to the foods we eat,
'cause some use lots of water to create that tasty treat.
It takes hundreds of gallons for just one pound of beef.
Smarter eating gives our world some much needed relief.

That doesn’t mean we can never use water to have fun.
It just means to be careful, not to let the faucet run.
Sure, making changes to routines can sometimes seem tough,
but life in a polluted world – that'd be pretty rough.


Verse 4:
Changing an old light bulb is more than an epiphany.
It’s also a good way that you conserve more energy.
LEDs are just as bright and last many hours long,
removing tons of emissions that really don’t belong.

Turning lights off to save money won’t make anyone rich,
but it’s so very easy to flip off an unused switch.
It will help reduce the amount of energy used,
ensuring our planet’s resources are not abused.

We can change the business where we access our power source.
Renewables reduce fossil fuels without losing energy force.
Solar, wind, and hydro are some options: that’s just three.
What other changes might make a better world for you and me?


Verse 5:
We can clean out our air filters at home once in a while,
so, that way, good indoor breathing can always be in style.
Programmable thermostats set the "temp"when you’re gone,
allowing Earth's fuels to continue pressing on.

Our landfills are the places that take in our solid waste,
where trash bag after trash bag, piled up high, seem to be placed.
Composting is a way to reduce what's thrown away,
giving us more land and space to go outside and play.

A little thought and time each day is really all it takes,
because there never really have been any higher stakes.
Let’s show our Earth just how much we all think she's worth,
so that all living creatures can experience rebirth.

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