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Video Description:

Which type angle is the cutest? Which looks like the antlers on the head of a FULL-GROWN moose?! Find out the answers to these mysterious questions as Earl, our favorite pizza delivery man, takes us on his route for a day to show us around the world of angles.

Although, there is perhaps one more thing that you should be warned about: this song is almost too much fun!

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Aligned With Common Core Standards 4.MD.5 & 4.MD.6 and TEK Standards 4.7C & 4.7D

Angles Song Lyrics:

Between zero and ninety an angle is acute.
This angle’s small and skinny and kind of cute.
It looks like a V or the top of a Y
or the angles that you see eating pizza or pie.

Angles are all about degrees,
and here’s how to remember them with ease!

Only when an angle measures ninety do we call it right.
You can tell this angle just by sight.
It looks like an L or the corner of a square.
You’re looking at them when you’re walking up the stairs.

Angles are all about degrees,
and here’s how to remember them with ease!

Between ninety and one hundred eighty, an angle is obtuse
This angle’s kind of fat; it’s got a big caboose.
It’s like the hands on a clock when it’s quarter to two
or the antlers on the head of a full grown moose.

To measure an angle’s degrees with a protractor,
place the vertex at the hole in the center.
Line up one ray at zero on the protractor.
Remember that the zero can be on top or under.
Count up to where the other ray points at a number;
that will be the angle’s measure.

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