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Video Description:

Alan kite surfs, skateboards, bikes, dives, and explores space as he learns about Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Pentagons, Hexagons, Heptagons, Octagons, Nonagons, and Decagons. These shapes surround Alan in his daily life, and he is so excited to give you a tour of real-world polygons!

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Aligned With Common Core Standards 3.G.1, 4.G.2, & 5.G.3 and TEK Standards 3.6B & 4.6D

Polygons Song Lyrics:

Tri is a prefix that means three;
triangles have three sides like a sail on the sea.
Quad is a prefix that means four;
quadrilaterals have four sides like a door.
Penta is a prefix that means five;
pentagons have five sides like a school zone walk sign.
Hexa - a prefix that means six;
hexagons have six sides like a bolt we twist.

Tri means three, and quad means four.
Penta means five, and hexa means six.

Hepta is a prefix that means seven;
heptagons have seven sides like Orion in the heavens.
Octo is a prefix that means eight;
octogons have eight sides like a stop sign’s shape.
And nona is a prefix that means nine;
nonagons have nine sides like a “y” on a road sign.
Deca - a prefix that means ten;
decagons have ten sides like a starfish in the ocean.

Hepta means seven; octo means eight.
Nona means nine, and deca means ten.
Tri (Three!), Quad (Four!), Penta (Five!), Hexa (Six!),
Hetpa (Seven!), Octo (Eight!), Nona (Nine!), Deca (Ten!)

Tri means three; quad means four.
Penta means five, and hexa means six.
Hepta means seven; octo means eight.
Nona means nine, and deca means ten.

(What shape is this...?) (Review)

Two last things before we go:
A polygon has to have straight sides, you know;
and a polygon has to be a closed shape.
The vertices and sides can’t have any breaks.
So is this a polygon? No.
But is this a polygon? Yeah!

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