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Comparing Measurements | Kindergarten & Grade 1

Kindergartner's & 1st Graders agree! Comparing lengths and measurements have never been more fun than Tico and Mario have made it in this ridiculously fun song by Numberock's resident monkeys. As you'll soon find out, Mario usually has objects that are a little bit longer than Tico's objects, but as Tico shows, one's guitar skills are not dependent on how short or long your guitar is!

Comparing Measurements for Grades Kindergarten and Grade 1 Lyrics

Tico's rope is two feet long,
Mario's rope is four feet long
So Mario said to Tico,
I have got the longer rope,
'cause yours is two and mine is four,
so my rope has two feet more.

We go HEYO!
Who has got the longer rope?
We go HEYO!
Mario's got the longer rope.

Mario’s boat is 9 feet long
Tico’s boat is 5 feet long
so Tico said to Mario
I have got a shorter boat
‘Cause mine’s 5 feet and yours is nine
which is 4 feet longer than mine

(Repeat Chorus)

Tico's telescope is 3 feet long
Mario’s telescope is 5 feet long
so Mario said to Tico
I have a longer telescope
‘Cause mine’s 5 feet and yours is three
so mine is longer by 2 feet

(Repeat Chorus)

We go HEYO!
Who's got a longer guitar?
(guitar solos)

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If you'd like to see other lesson extensions from other providers beyond what is covered in our song and accompanying lesson activities, you can find some good ones at K-5 Math Teaching Resources Website.

This song targets TEKS and Common Core learning standards from Kindergarten (TEKS) to 1st Grade (Common Core). Look into the relevant standards to understand the requirements unique to each unique standard. They are K.MD.2. & 1.MD.1.

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