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Multiplying Mixed Numbers Song | 5th Grade Math Video

Master the steps involved when multiplying mixed numbers through a catchy song that shows us how this special math skill can be used in various scenarios.

Whether calculating the necessary area of a fenced in location to rehabilitate a giraffe,
or managing the territory of your billy goat herd, we'll discover how multiplying mixed numbers
helps us calculate the exact dimensions of each where whole numbers don't quite do the trick.

Multiplying Mixed Numbers Song Lyrics

Verse One
I made a fence to rehabilitate a giraffe,
around one and two-fifths acres by one and a half.
I had to find the area before planting the grass;
the first thing I did was.... I made a graph.

I converted each to improper fractions:
seven-fifths and three-halves were their equivalents.
I multiplied and got twenty-one tenths,
which equaled two and one-tenth acres inside the fence.

Convert to improper fractions that are simplified.
The numerators and denominators get multiplied.
And there’s one last step you might need to perform...
make sure the answer is in simplest form.

Verse Two
Inside the fence for my billy goat herd,
the area’s two and a half acres by three and a third.
I converted to improper fractions, like a good shepherd;
their equivalents were five-halves and ten-thirds.

I multiplied and got fifty over six;
that’s how many acres I'd plant with my oat seed mix.
I simplified the fraction and got twenty-five thirds,
or eight and one-third acres, for my billy goat herd.

Repeat Chorus

Mixed numbers are made of whole numbers and fractions.
To multiply, convert to improper fractions for each transaction.
The product of multiplying mixed numbers
has a denominator smaller than the number it's under.
That's an improper fraction, so convert it back
to a mixed number in simplest form, and that's that!

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If you'd like to expand upon this video with other online resources that nicely compliment this video, we recommend following the link to schmoop.com, which lays out the basic rules and methods that will aid in understanding the concept through more traditional means.

This song targets an important Common Core learning standards from 5th Grade. Look into the relevant standard to understand the requirements unique to this standard. To look at the specific standard follow this link to learn more about common core standard 5.NF.6.

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