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Multiplying Fractions By Whole Numbers Song

Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers shows up in your daily life all the time, but perhaps you just don't know it yet. In this song we'll create and solve word problems from real life scenarios to hammer that point home.

Perhaps you've run halfway to the big box store and know that the store is 8 exactly miles away. But how far have you ran already? Don't worry, we can solve that! Now you are just one multiplying a fraction by a whole number problem away from knowing how far you've already run. 1/2 x 8 miles = 4 miles.

Song Lyrics:

I was running 8 miles away. I had already run 3/4 of the way.
To find how far I'd traveled from my front door.
I did 8 times 3 and got 24.
Then I divided by 4 and I got 6.
Six miles I had run in my brand new kicks!

Multiplying whole numbers by fractions is awesome. Yea!
Well here's a similar problem. We'll not have forgotten.
Multiply by the top. Divide by the bottom.
Multiply by the top. Divide by the bottom.

I was riding to the video game shop.
I had ridden 5/6 of 12 city blocks.
How far I had gone is what I wanted to find.
12 Times 5 is what I multiplied.
I got 60 and then divided by 6.
I had ridden 10 blocks and did a cool bike trick.


A girl used repeated addition to see..
if she could use the strategy to solve 1/2 times 3.
She thought fast, and then it came like a FLASH!
That 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 is 3 halves.
She converted 3 halves to 1 and a half.
She had a crush that would last. It was a crush on MATH!

Learn More

This song targets TEKS and Common Core learning standards from 4th Grade to 6th Grade. Look into the relevant standards here, or dig deeper into multiplying fractions here.

If you are interested in getting ideas on how to plan a robust standards-aligned Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers lesson, we recommend checking out Instructure's recommendations for common core standards 4.NF.4, and 5.NF.4 . These pages help break down standard language, lay out the grade-appropriate level of rigor for each concept, and offer a variety of suggestions for activities (lesson seeds) that help students achieve their learning targets.

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