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Video Description:

Put your pencils down for a few moments and join us on the beach at our favorite sea-side pizzeria to learn about dividing fractions in real-life situations.

We all know that kids who are friends love to share food, so what better way to learn about dividing fractions by whole numbers than through sharing two of the best foods there are: pizza and chocolate!

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2 - NUMBEROCK's Dividing Fractions by Whole Numbers Task Cards
3 - NUMBEROCK's Dividing Fractions by Whole Numbers Google Classroom Digital Task Cards
Aligned With Common Core Standards 5.NF.7a and TEK Standards 5.3J & 5.3L

Dividing Fractions by Whole Numbers Song Lyrics:

Four friends sat down at a pizzeria
and shared one half of a pizza.

One half divided by four is one eighth.
That’s the amount of the pizza each of them ate.

Draw one whole pizza and then the fraction.
Divide it by the whole number, and find the quotient.

Two friends were riding in the back of a car,
shared a third of a candy bar.

One third divided by two is one sixth.
They ate their one sixth of the Twix.

Draw one whole candy bar and then the fraction.
Divide it by the whole number, and find the quotient

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