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Number Sentences

Grab your binoculars to take an expedition in this Number Sentences song, where Edwin learns that Number Sentences are equations - or mathematical sentences - that show statements using numbers and math symbols.

His Number Sentences journey takes him from the jungles of Borneo to the ice shelves off the coast of Greenland on his ship, the SS Mathematica. The only thing Edwin loves as much as the wildlife he encounters along the way is his newfound ability to communicate what he has seen to his friends using Number Sentences.

Number Sentences Song Lyrics

Verse One
I’m exploring under the canopy.
I see monkeys and count twenty-three.
Some climb a tree, now I count twenty;
this number sentence describes what I see. (23 - _____ = 20)

How many monkeys climbed? I’ll find out,
because that’s the unknown I want to know about:
I try a three, and that’s when I see,
how many monkeys climbed up a tree. (THREE!)

Read what the question is asking about;
write down what we need to find out,
with a statement that makes sense
of the problem as a number sentence.

Verse Two
I went exploring in Antarctica
and saw through my binoculars….
thirty-two penguins on an iceberg.
Eighteen more appeared from the ice water.

To find out how many there were,
I wrote a number sentence, so I’d be sure.
Now I can see the solution is: fifty penguins
resting on top of the deep blue ocean.

Learn More

If you'd like to expand upon this video with other online resources that nicely compliment this video, we recommend following the link to hcpss.instructure.com, which lays out the basic rules and methods that will aid in understanding the concept through more traditional means.

This song targets an important Common Core learning standard for 2nd Grade. Look into the relevant standard to understand the requirements unique to this standard. To look at the specific standard follow this link to learn more about common core standard 2.OA.1.

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