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Order of Operations Song

On the public graffiti wall in his favorite park, watch Stan take us through the steps to the order of operations. And Oh Yeah! One more thing… be careful to watch his dance moves, which may or may not hold some of the keys to the steps themselves.

Order of Operations Lyrics:

Parentheses first, exponents next, multiplication and
division in the same step.
Addition and subtraction, if you
got the nerve, from left to right, first come first serve.

Parentheses first: two times four, the product’s eight;
are you ready for more?

Exponents next: two squared is four; let’s move down like
we did before.
Time to divide or multiply; let’s see what we got; take
a look at the signs.
Divide the eight by the two, the
quotient’s four, and we’re almost through.
It’s finally time to add or subtract, eight’s the answer, and
that’s a fact.


Parentheses first: two times six, the product’s twelve; put
it back in the mix.
Exponents next: three squared is nine; when you know the
tricks, it don’t take much time.
Now we divide or multiply; let’s see what we’ve got, take a
look at the signs.
Nine divided by nine is one, the answer’s
close, and we’re almost done.
Four minus one has a difference of three, when we add the
twelve, we get fifteen!

Learn More

This song targets TEKS and Common Core learning standards from both 4th and 5th Grade. Look into the relevant standards here, or dig deeper into the Order of operations here.

If you are interested in getting ideas on how to plan a robust standards-aligned Order of operations lesson, we recommend checking out Instructure's recommendations for common core standards 4.NF.C.7, and 5.NBT.3 . These pages help break down standard language, lay out the grade-appropriate level of rigor for each concept, and offer a variety of suggestions for activities (lesson seeds) that help students achieve their learning targets.

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