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Halloween Night Song

This peculiar Halloween Night Song is NUMBEROCK’s personal tribute to the night when candy flows beneath the moon's glow! As Mr. Dracula sings by his organ, he is joined by a merry band of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins who do their best to lip-synch along.

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Halloween Night Lyrics:

On the night of Halloween, anticipation weighs heavy.
As the boys and girls get their costumes at the ready.
For it’s the night when candy flows beneath the moon’s glow;
where everywhere you hear the noise of laughter echo.
With scary sights and many frights kids walk by porch light.
For there’s nothing else that is quite like a starry halloween night.

Glowing jack-o-lantern lights!
It the air there is a fright!
The neighbors handing out delights...
It's Halloween Night, OH YEAH!

It’s Halloween Night, OH YEAH!
It’s Halloween Night, OH YEAH!
It’s Halloween Night, OH YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!

Your footsteps creaking up a neighbors porch stair...
Oh?! A full size candy bar? Well, that seems fair!
But watch out for the houses giving raisins in a box;
a few of those, and you suppose, you’ll try a different block.
Yes, trick-or-treating with your friends always feels so right,
because in every year there’s only one halloween night.

If you eat too much candy, you may very well turn green;
and that, my friends, may ruin an otherwise perfect Halloween.
But if you eat too little, you may possibly be sad,
and that may make an otherwise perfect halloween seem bad.
So, boys and girls, on Halloween, here’s what you must do:
limit your candy intake to precisely twenty-two.

You can be a superhero, vampire, ghost or fairy...
or you can be a Sasquatch if you prefer being hairy!
You can be a zombie, unicorn, clown or witch...
or wear a puffy suit, but just hope you don’t get an itch!
A costume can be anything you fear or you revere,
so what will you choose to be for Halloween this year?

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