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Video Description:

Step right on up to the Ticketing booth and discover the conformity! The uniformity! As you find each ride’s lines of symmetry in SYMMETRY LAND!” Find similar parts facing each other or around an axis on the various rides at our musical and mathematical amusement park!

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Symmetry Land Song Lyrics:

We’re in line to ride the Ferris wheel,

a circular shape made out of steel.

Before we ride, we try to decide

where a circle’s lines of symmetry hide.

Lines through the center have symmetry.

So each circle has infinity!

Each line, upon further inspection,

creates a perfect mirror reflection!

CHORUS: Everywhere we look, we see

lines of symmetry!

Everywhere we look, we see

lines of symmetry!

At the pirate ship we wait our turn.

This ride can make our stomachs churn.

A line from the axle to the ground

is one line of symmetry to be found.

Identical parts, facing each other

have symmetry with one another.

Lines of symmetry evenly divide;

let’s find symmetry on every ride.

We see the roller coaster’s loopty loop

has a line of symmetry between the hoop.

A mirror reflection on each side

is where the lines of symmetry hide!

Then we see a mirror and realize

symmetry disguised right between our eyes.

A line divides each side of our face!

We see symmetry all over the place!

It’s time for lunch, and we’ve got a hunch

that symmetry’s in the food we’ll munch:

We look at a cracker; it’s a square;

we see four lines of symmetry there.

Chewed the four corners - they were gone -

leaving us with a cracker octagon.

We looked a bit closer then to see,

The regular octagon’s eight lines of symmetry.

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