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Add and Subtract Within 20 (Fact Families) Version 1

Add and Subtract Within 20 (Fact Families)

Verse One
At the fact families’ house we arrive.
There’s a fourteen, a nine, and a five.
Whether nine plus five, or five plus nine,
a fourteen goes after the equals sign.

Fourteen minus nine equals five,
and fourteen minus five equals nine.
They live on a street called Fact Family Drive,
on a rocky Math-lantic coastline.

Fact families are related facts:
They add together, or they subtract!
There are different ways they can be arranged,
but the fact family doesn’t change!

Verse Two
At the neighbors’ down the street,
There’s an eleven, a seven, and a four to meet.
Whether seven plus four, or four plus seven,
the sum always adds up to eleven.

Eleven minus seven equals four,
and eleven minus four equals seven.
They love living near the shore
and diving down to the ocean floor.