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Repeated Addition Song | Equal Groups Multiplication Video

Did you know multiplication can be understood as repeated addition of equal groups of objects that when joined together form an array? Watch this song to unlock the skill of repeated addition and start on a path towards multiplication mastery! If we did our job right, your students will step away from the screen uncommonly self-motivated to extend their learning of this important concept as they transform from little adders to little multipliers.

Ben, creator of NUMBEROCK, has created yet another math song for the ages that is one our catchiest math songs to date! We're so excited to share this newest video as we know it is going to be a hit with your 2nd Grade students.

A last word of caution: Try not to break the replay button!

Repeated Addition Multiplication Song Lyrics

Verse One
I pick up my pencil, and I compose
an array with three columns and four rows.
FOUR groups of THREE help me to see better;
there are twelve circles all together.
This array has five rows and three columns.
Grouping can help us solve these problems.
Five, plus five, plus five, equals fifteen...
now we’re mastering this routine!

We can count objects in many ways,
like counting groups found in arrays.
Rows go across! Columns go up and down!
Equal groups help us tally how many we’ve found.

Verse Two
On my tablet I compose
an array with four columns and five rows.
FIVE groups of FOUR are on the display;
there are twenty clownish in the array
This array has three columns and two rows.
It’s easy for us to see how this one goes,
because we know three plus three equals six.
Adding groups is such a cool math trick!

An array shows addition
done in repetition,
and this is the foundation
for multiplication.
For example, three plus three plus three is nine;
we've added "three" three times.
So we could say the array is three times three.
To multiply, just add and repeat!

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This video aligns to a 2nd Grade Common Core learning standard; 2.OA.4. It also aligns to the 2nd Grade Math TEK; 2.6A. To understand the exact requirements of this standard, read the exact wording of common core standard 2.OA.4 here.

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