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Bar Graphs and Picture Graphs Song | 2nd Grade Math Video

What do cat's and giraffes have to do with bar graphs and pictographs (also known as picture grpahs), other than nearly rhyme? Take another safari with NUMBEROCK as we search for animals and chart our findings on bar graphs and picture graphs so that we can put together, take apart, and compare the data!

In some parts of the world, picture graphs are called pictographs.

Bar Graphs and Pictographs Song Lyrics

Verse One:
Twelve cat owners were asked:
“What color is your cat?
Is it gray, brown, white, or black?”

They made a first draft
of a bar graph,
and that’s what we’re looking at.

One axis on the graph
shows the number of cats.
The other axis tells us if they’re gray, brown, white, or black.

And now we can compare
Each group of cats there,
like the fact that there are two more gray cats than black.

On a bar graph, the data there
can be put together, taken apart, or compared.
Picture graphs can show the same data you see,
except with pictures and a key.

Verse Two:
The safari guide was asked:
“Where are the most giraffes….
in the water, by the trees, or on the grass?”

He drew them up a draft
of a picture graph,
and that’s what we’re looking at.

One axis on the graph
shows the number of giraffes;
the other tells if they’re in the water, by the trees, or on the grass.

And now we can compare
all the tall giraffes there,
And see there’s one giraffe more by the trees than on the grass.

Let's look at a bar graph
showing all of the giraffes
in the water, by the trees, or on the grass;
and see that every time we craft
any type of bar graph,
we label the axes and write a title on each draft.

And it shows us, that in all,
ten giraffes are standing tall
on a warm summer day in Senegal,
roaming the plains by calm seas,
eating fruits, flowers, and leaves
from different species of Acacia trees .

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This video aligns to a 2nd Grade Common Core learning standard; 2.MD.10. To understand the exact requirements of this standard, read the exact wording of common core standard 2.MD.10 here.

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